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UniFlow PolyPro Trace Metals fume hoods are designed for applications where no metal can be present. These hoods feature a totally non-metallic construction and are available in sizes of 48", 60", 72" and 96" widths and 30" or 36" depths.

Fume Hood Face Velocity

The recommended face velocity for efficiency & safety is 100

FPM. Lower face velocity may compromise user safety.

The Trace Metals Fume Hood incorporates (4) horizontal sliding sashes on (2) tracks, the maximum opening is 50%. which corresponds to a 50% savings in CFM. Should the entire front opening need to be accessed the horizontal sliding panels may be removed for equipment set up.

PolyPro Trace Metals Fume Hood

Sash Management & Design

(100 fpm with 2 sashes open)

 Size hood





1/2 open CFM





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UniFlow Superstructure features a welded one-piece polypropylene fume chamber with integral worksurface with baffle and exhaust collar, creating a chemical resistant (NO RUST), dual wall construction. Meets NFPA 45 requirements for flame spread.

Fume Chamber Polypro surface is chemical resistant white, glass smooth for ease of cleaning & light reflectivity.

VaraFlow Baffle System constructed of same polypropylene, maintains uniform air flow thru the fume chamber to exhaust collar outlet.

Energy Efficient vapor proof non-metallic light fixture with light switch on left column, with PVC conduit and junction box.

Access Panel removable to access ducting connections and electrical services from a single point PVC electrical box,115V/60Hz AC operation.

28" Viewing Height interior fume chamber with 24" or 30" interior reach in depth. 44" interior working height, allowing for tall apparatus and distillation grid.

Angled Picture Frame Opening the aerodynamic face opening with air foil provides uniform air flow into the fume chamber and thru the VaraFlow baffle system to the exhaust collar. 

Air Flow Monitor (Optional equipment) continuously monitors face velocity air flow, meets ANSI and OSHA requirements.       Cat. No. 51403

Accessories Polypro Acid cabinets are chemical resistant and feature welded seams and overlapping doors.

 PolyPro Base Cabinets constructed of chemical resistant  

 polypropylene, in sizes 24", 30", 36" & 48" wide, 35" high &

 22" deep.  

• PolyPro chemical resistant cabinets feature welded seams,

  and overlapping doors.    

• Equipped with a lower lip to contain chemical spills.